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Notes of Meeting with Amateur Radio Societies

Date: 10 May 2000

Time: 2:00 PM

Venue: Room 2938, 29/F., Wu Chung House



                     Mr. Y.C. Leung      (Chairman)
Mr. K.T. Seto
Mr. Y.L. Li            (Secretary)


                     Mr. Brett Graham        


                     Mr. Steven Beesley,    Mr. Charlie Ho,   Mr. Ken Kwok                    


                     Mr. Paul Anderson,   Mr. Yul Kwan,   Mr. Cheng Shiu Fai               


                     Mr. T. Nagata,    Mr. S. Nagayama,   Mr. Mitsui

          Other Attendance

                     Mr. Ho Wing Leung,   Mr. Alan Ng



  The Chairman welcomed the representatives of each society.
  Each society introduced its own society.
It was agreed that the future meetings would be convened on a quarterly basis.

 2. China Amateur Radio Study Club Ltd

  The Chairman asked if all major amateur radio societies were present. Mr. Ho Wing Leung brought out that whether China Amateur Study Club Ltd with about 1000 members should also be invited to attend future meetings. Some said that it was not an amateur radio society but involved in other business.  OFTA would consider whether to invite this society for the future meetings.


Guideline for Temporary Amateur Repeater Station

  The Chairman said that, in general, at least two weeks advance notice would be required for the applications for temporary setting up of amateur repeater station and frequency assignment. OFTA would provide guidelines for application for temporary setting up of amateur repeater station and frequency assignment.

Use of Hill-top Sites

  HARDXA suggested the use of hill-top sites should be reviewed. OFTA noted the suggestion and requested the societies to provide further information.

5. Photograph of holder for ATO

  HARTS expressed that the photographs of holders on ATOs were very useful and requested OFTA to continue to issue ATOs with photographs of holders.  Other societies supported the request. OFTA noted and would consider.

6. Amateur Radio Societies/OFTA co-ordination regarding illegal operation/interference on amateur bands

  The societies claimed that they wanted to improve the communication with RMU so as to increase the chances of tracking down on illegal operation/interference on amateur bands by RMU. In this regard the societies should provide more information and if necessary a representative from RMU would be invited to take part in the next meeting. 


ITU and IARU matters

  HARTS tabled a copy of E-mail from Keigo Komuro saying that ITU Asia TELECOM 2000 would request IARU Region 3 to pay for the stand in the exhibition if HARTS/IARU were to join the event.  In previous TELECOM exhibitions, IARU was granted free use of a stand. Hence HARTS wished OFTA to offer assistance in this matter.  HARTS passed a copy of the E-mail to OFTA for information.


Reciprocal licensing

  HARTS requested OFTA to study and work out the reciprocal licensing arrangement with Macau SAR and other countries. OFTA noted the request and would consider.


Mobile and portable operation in 430-440 MHz

. HARDXA requested OFTA to review the opening up of mobile and portable operation by HAM operators in the entire 430-440 MHz on a secondary basis as there was no other commercial radio tracking allocation at present. OFTA noted the request and would consider. 


1.2 GHz and 2.4 GHz spectrum assignment

  HARDXA requested OFTA to consider the opening up of 1.2 GHz and 2.4 GHz band for amateur radio operation.  OFTA noted and would consider.


Proposed class A/B licence and Amateur Morse Test

  HARDXA proposed OFTA to study and plan for the introduction of a new class A/B licence with a 5 wpm morse test requirement.  Licensee would be permitted full operation privileges at limited transmitting power as such restructuring had already been introduced by UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand.  The other societies present were in full agreement with HARDXA's proposal.  OFTA noted and would consider.
  In respect of the conduction of Morse test by the amateur radio societies, HARTS wished the discussion on this issue would continue in future.


Any other business

  The next meeting was scheduled at 2:00pm on 23 August 2000. Each society should send a maximum of 2 representatives only. There being no other business, the meeting adjourned at 4:15 pm.